Manga Translation Challenge #1

I’m taking on my first manga translation project so I’ll be translating J-Dream Kanzen Nenshouhen. A link has already been added to the header menu. Right now, it’s still rather empty and I’ve only managed to list down all the volumes and their corresponding chapters but feel free to take a look here.

I’ll be posting my progress and challenges faced along the way every now and then, and I’ve already hit my first roadblock! The truth is, I might not have sufficient background knowledge to translate this series. Let’s see, the issue is three folds.

Challenge number one, I haven’t read the first two series of J-Dream so I don’t have any background knowledge of the story so far, the character’s story, and their relationship with other characters. In short, I don’t think I’ll be able to do justice in giving an accurate translation. Why am I translating this, you ask?

Concern number two, I’m not an avid soccer fan. I’m attempting to translate Japanese soccer terminologies to English soccer terminologies while I’m not even familiar with the English soccer terminologies. That’s an uphill battle I’m fighting, gotta learn so many new stuff in one go and hope for the best. Seriously, why did I choose to translate this?

Constraint number three, I tried to fix challenge number one by looking up the first two series and possibly skimming through them. Unfortunately, there’s no complete English translation available so I might have to dig up the raws and slowly read through them. This is also quite an old manga so it might be hard finding resources like wikis and etc. Why am I even doing this?

That’s the three C’s I’m facing. I already finished reading the first chapter and I think I can translate it to an okay standard, just that there are a few gaps here and there that I’m not quite sure about. If you’re wondering why I’m translating it, it’s cos a friend wanted to read it. I haven’t told him yet, maybe after I got a few chapters done.

I’m still not exactly sure how I’m going to do this whole thing. I gotta clean the manga, do redrawing, translate the actual text, do the typesetting, and proofread the whole thing so it is going to take a while.

One last note, the first chapter is HUGE! At 70 pages long, it is REALLY going to take a while before I can publish it. Oh, and let’s not forget procrastination. 😀