Greetings from Ziel Translation!

As the tagline says, this blog is not really about translations anymore…

Instead, it’s about the art of being human, the lifelong goal of learning, development, and exploration, and the journey to better ourselves and humanity. Basically, it’s about me writing my thoughts out and rambling on about life.

New post every day, that’s what I’ve committed to doing until my 1,000th post. But due to foreseeable circumstances, I might fail to deliver on that promise every now and then.

So who am I?

I’m an engineer by profession, a student by confession, a teacher by impression, a writer by obsession, a self-help junkie by depression, an introvert by expression, a minimalist by possession, an optimist by progression, a pessimist by repression, and etc by suppression.

Stuff I’m currently working on: