Nozbe free vs Todoist free

A quick background, I used Nozbe for a while and found it to be pretty cool. Sadly, the free trial expired and now I’m limited to only 5 projects. Sure, I could pay the $8/month and get back the unlimited projects, and that’s probably what Nozbe intended. Or I could try another free app and see how they compare, and the one I chose was Todoist.

Perhaps the first difference you’ll notice about Todoist is that you can have up to 80 projects in the free version, how cool is that? It’s really a breath of fresh air compared to the 5 project limitation in Nozbe. The premium and business version of Todoist are a lot cheaper too, at $3/month and $5/month respectively, compared to the $8/month Nozbe Solo account.

Another cool thing about Todoist is that unlike Nozbe, you can actually separate your projects into sections and even create sub-projects inside your projects! Though I’m pretty sure they’ll count towards the 80 project limit. And you can also create sub-tasks in your tasks. In Nozbe, you’re limited to just the projects and their set of tasks, no sub-projects, or sub-tasks available.

And it turns out, this is not a difference in feature but a difference in workflow or philosophy. In Nozbe, the suggested way to manage projects is to apply labels and do things horizontally instead of hierarchically. Though it’s certainly an interesting concept, it might take some getting used to and with a 5 project limitation, it’s not really practical on the free version. More reason to upgrade or migrate it seems.

By now, you might be wondering what’s so good about the free version of Nozbe and why anyone would choose it over the free version of Todoist. Well, everything else it seems. Let’s get one thing straight here, the only difference between the free version of Nozbe and the paid version is the project restriction, everything else is the same between the two.

This means that in the free version of Nozbe, you get to add comments and attachments, put labels and use filters, add tasks via email, view your activity logs for free, set up and use templates, and use the reminder function. None of these are available in the free version of Todoist.

Aside from those, there are also a few other minor differences I want to point out. In Todoist, the reoccurring due dates function is significantly better than Nozbe as you can set custom due dates like “every 11 days” whereas, in Nozbe, you’re limited to what’s available in the dropdown menu.

Another difference is that in Nozbe, you can star tasks and they will appear in the priority tab, along with tasks that are due today. In Todoist, you can mark tasks with priority and they will only appear when filtered, and yes, the free version allows you to label tasks with priority 1/2/3/4 and filter by those four labels, no custom labels or filters allowed.

And that summarizes the difference between Nozbe free and Todoist free. Simply put, Nozbe free is fully-featured but with a 5 project restriction, Todoist free is feature restricted but allows for a lot more projects. Which one would you choose?

I have to say, I quite like Nozbe. The app somehow feels a lot friendlier than Todoist, and I like their green logo a lot more than the red Todoist logo. While I am considering just upgrading to the paid Nozbe Solo, I also really like that sub-task and sub-project feature in Todoist.

So right now, I’m going to stick with Todoist free for a while and see how it goes. I don’t mind missing out on all the extra features, I just want that extra capability to organize and group my projects.

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