Abandoned productivity tools as unintended time capsules?

The cool thing with abandoning your productivity tools is that they sometimes act like unintended time capsules.

Throughout the years, I’ve tried several note-taking apps, to-do lists, and other productivity tools, most of them abandoned shortly after I set my goals and stuff. And today, as I was digging up and logging in back to some of those abandoned tools, I was hit with so much nostalgia.

There were random to-do lists filled with tasks I vaguely remember, notes about things that happened and some random observations, a couple of checklists, things to buy, my attempts at learning Spanish, and so on. Some were from all the way back in 2012, there was also an entry on how I spent Christmas one year, and my notes on a certain biking/racing game app I used to play.

I also re-discovered some of my old goals, specifically how I failed to achieve them. All those tasks I’ve set myself up for and how quickly I abandoned the tool and forgot about my plan of action. You know that feeling, right? Spending hours crafting brilliant plans on how to achieve what you want to achieve but never really executing on it.

It’s very easy to just delete them all and be done with it, but I don’t feel comfortable doing that. I had to at least go through them one by one and salvage some of them before I’m okay with deleting them.

Do you have any old productivity tools that you spent hours setting it up but ultimately gave up on? It might be worthwhile to reinstall and login to them once more just to see what you were like back then, as if you were sending yourself an unintended time capsule.

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