The trick to getting a good night’s sleep

You don’t know true physical exhaustion until you tried manual labor.

The thing with office jobs is that you don’t move your body much. Most of the time, it’s just ten fingers dancing around a keyboard or one hand moving around paper or a mouse pad. It’s not really physically demanding and you don’t feel true exhaustion.

Manual labor, on the other hand, spending a solid 8 hour moving stuff around, now that’s exhausting. You will need to have a proper lunch to fill yourself up and probably a nap too. When you get home at the end of the day, you will rarely have the energy to do anything else, and you will sleep rather well as a result.

It’s probably the secret to getting a good night’s sleep. When you come home from your office job, you might say you’re exhausted. But chances are, that’s mental exhaustion, not physical exhaustion, and sometimes, you’re not really exhausted. If you think you are, you really need to try doing manual labor.

The thing with physical exhaustion is that your body will naturally want to sleep and rest, so it’s very easy to just collapse in bed and not worry about trying to sleep. There’s no getting around that, you can’t just make your body energetic again. Perhaps the only way is to go move some more, maybe go for a run and hope you catch that second wind.

With mental exhaustion, it’s a bit tricky because our minds are naturally wired to stimulants. You might think you’re mentally exhausted but go watch some comedy or listen to some upbeat energetic songs and you’ll find yourself mentally energetic and ready to do more stuff. Also, it’s very easy to fall into mindlessly watching videos or browsing your social media feeds, which results in the all too familiar insomnia.

The trick to getting a good night’s sleep is simple, just get yourself physically exhausted during the day and you’ll naturally fall asleep at night. Move around, do some exercise in the morning, and get your blood pumping. It will make you feel awake throughout the day while making sure you will sleep when night falls, kinda like coffee but without the caffeine, and it’s free and comes with all the benefits of exercise too.

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