What search engine(s) do you use?

Did you know that Google handles over 90% of all search queries in the world? Second being Bing at less than 3% market share, followed by Yahoo! at less than 2%, Baidu at about 1%, and all other search engines having only a fraction of a percentage point market share. (As of April 2020)

My search engine of choice is DuckDuckGo, which is a more privacy-focused search engine, and I love their !Bang shortcuts that let me search directly on other sites.

For example, if I search “marble run !yt” without quotes in DuckDuckGo, it would be the same as searching “marble run” on YouTube instead. Similarly, if searched “x2+y2=5 !wa” without quotes, it would redirect me to WolframAlpha and show me the solution to the equation.

Another interesting search engine is Ecosia where they basically take all the profits made through ads and use them to plant trees. They’ve currently planted more than 95 million trees, and counting! Just remember to disable your ad blocker before searching as leaving it on would totally defeat the purpose.

On an interesting side note, did you know that Yahoo! Search is powered by Bing? They’re basically using the same search algorithm so technically, we can add them together for a grand total of less than 5% market share. 

And a little comic before we wrap up. This is the main reason why my brother uses Bing as his search engine of choice. Aww, doesn’t the comic just break your heart and make you want to use Bing?

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