The trick to finishing marathons

Step by step, even the longest of marathons are done one step at a time.

If you’re thinking of running a full 42K marathon in one go, you probably won’t go very far and your mind will probably quit long before you even get on the starting line. But if you’re focusing on just taking one step after another and just running 1K at a time, it suddenly feels very doable.

Just run 1K at a time, it might take you 10 minutes but you can run for 10 minutes, right? And the next 10 minutes, the next 1K, another 10 minutes, another 1K, and so on. Sure, you might give up at 3K if it’s physically too much, but you ran 3K.

Try again in a few weeks and you might reach 5K, in a few months, you’ll be hitting double-digits and before you know it, a full 42K doesn’t seem so impossible after all.

And it’s not just running, everything is like a marathon. Want to learn a language? Do it word by word. Learning to code? Syntax by syntax. Learning to cook? Recipe by recipe. Beginner bird watcher? Start learning bird by bird.

It’s not a big secret and you probably know it already, the trick to finishing any marathon is to do it one step at a time, and that is especially true for the biggest marathon of them all, your time on earth.

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