Replacing your phone with a watch

Do you think it’s possible? Or rather, when do you think it will be possible? In another year or three?

I’m very interested in the idea of replacing my phone with a watch. If I can use my watch for my day-to-day needs, listening to podcasts, making calls, sending text messages, using the GPS for navigating, reading a few ebooks or text files, I think it would totally be able to replace my phone. I’m not asking for much, it doesn’t have to be able to play games, use social media, or take pictures.

In recent years, phones have been getting bigger and bigger, to the point where 6″ is pretty much standard and you would be hard-pressed to find anything smaller than 5″. Back in 2012 when I got my first phone, the biggest screen size was only slightly larger than 4″.

All I want is a small portable phone that’s easy to use with one hand, fits in your pocket and is comfortable to carry around. I don’t want to have a gorgeously large and oversized phone with the best graphics in the world that does nothing but encourage me to spend more time on my phone. No, a simple phone would do, is that too much to ask?

So instead of fighting a losing battle and hoping for a small-ish phone to come out, I’d have more luck waiting for manufacturers to make the next generation smartwatch that can replace your phone. And actually, there already exists a few cellular smartwatches that can make calls and connect to LTE. It might not work for most people, but for my specific use case, I think it just might if I wait a few years for the technology to mature.

Though I have to admit, I’m not much of a watch person. Back in middle school, I used to wear a watch but it was mostly a hit and miss. I would alternate between periods of wearing a watch and periods of not wearing a watch. I think I probably went through 3 or 4 watches over my 10+ years of traditional schooling?

The number one reason I don’t wear them is that I would develop these uncomfortable rashes on my wrist every now and then. Sometimes, I try to alternate the hands I wear my watch on and sometimes, I would shift my watch around and try to wear it on a different spot but eventually, I would just stop wearing my watch only to pick it up again a few years later.

A few years ago, I bought a fitness tracker and stuck with it for about a year or two. Recently, I received another fitness tracker as a gift and have been wearing that on and off for a while now. Seriously, if I can solve that skin rash issue, I would totally go for a standalone cellular smartwatch to replace my phone when the technology matures enough. Just imagine how freeing it would be to not have to carry your phone with you!

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