Ideals for the world

Ideals are just that, ideals. Concepts that you wished were widespread but would never come to be. The ideal doesn’t exist, it’s not real. Everyone has their own ideals and philosophies about the world, and everyone thinks theirs is right or the best.

My ideals for the world, a humane society where everyone is socially advance. No more pointless harm or exploitation for personal gains, no more discrimination, censorship, abuse, bullying, closed-minded thinking, distrust, hatred, us vs them thinking, theft or murder, and so on.

A world where everyone trusts and understands each other. A world without the “bad guys” or “incompetent” people in position of power. A world where everyone is able to think with empathy, compassion, and kindness. A world without borders where we are all citizens of the world with equal human rights.

But sadly, such ideals were probably never meant to be and we aren’t going to achieve world peace anytime soon. There will always be those who do things for their own personal benefit or those who find ways to abuse the system and profit from it.

Welcome to the real world.

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