How to live multiple lives

We only have a finite time in this world and there’s only so much we can do, learn, experience, experiment with, and try. But do you know we can live multiple lives?

Not literally though, but the simple act of reading a novel enables you to experience a different life, albeit an artificial one. But human history is already rich with the tales and adventures of millions of lives, why settle for an artificial one?

Ever curious about what it’s like to experience near death or a life-threatening disease, literally fighting for you life? Or what it feel like to be a drug addict? Or to grow up in a disadvantaged minority group? To be blind or deaf? Losing your spouse in your 30s? Going through extreme poverty? Experiencing PTSD? Fighting in a bloody war? Escaping North Korea?

Or on a more positive side, going to the moon? Creating a successful business selling shoes? Discovering electricity or the theory of relativity? Revolutionizing manufacturing? Inventing the iPhone? Creating a successful online store? Becoming a president? Revolutionizing space travel? Building a successful investment empire?

Through the power of books, biographies, interviews, and whatnot, you now have the power to experience what all these people went through, the power to take a peek at the lives of so many great people and learn from all of them. Do you know how amazing that is? With that, we have the power to live multiple lives!


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