Timeless vs in-the-moment articles

I used to really like timeless articles, you can read them anytime and they would still be relevant and applicable. For example, articles about personal growth or articles that teach timeless concepts or case studies. But recently, I’m finding more value from in-the-moment articles.

Not in the sense of the latest news or recent happenings, but articles that talk about the current changes we are facing. For example, I think everyone can pretty much agree that slavery is immoral and everyone should have basic human rights.

But imagine yourself as someone in the early 19th century before slavery was abolished. Perhaps you or your friends and family own a couple dozen slaves. How would you feel about it if you were told it’s immoral and unethical? What would it be like to read those in-the-moment articles where people debate the ethics behind slavery and equal rights among black and white? 

The same is true for a lot of current topics. Oil and gas, the energy crisis, global warming, animal cruelty, artificial intelligence, acceptance of the LGBT community, banning nuclear weapons, going to Mars, and so on.

While you could stick with reading timeless articles, I find it quite beneficial to learn about all the changes we as a society are going through. Not in the sense of news though, I still have no interest in those, but rather, the ideas and debates on what the world should be like going forward and the changes that follows.

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