Every little obstacle

You’re trying to submit an online form and your application keeps on getting rejected. At what point would you give up?

Perhaps you entered something incorrectly or missed a few obscure entry fields, so you try again. But it still didn’t work. Perhaps it’s a browser issue, so you try a different browser. And it still wouldn’t go through. Would you give up at this point? Or would you continue troubleshooting it by yourself? When would you consider reaching out to someone about it?

If it’s important enough, you shouldn’t give up. You should push for it and keep on trying. Why? Because every single obstacle that comes your way is tiny and insignificant. How hard is it to email tech support or call customer service? How hard is it to be put on hold and transferred a dozen times? How hard is it to talk to someone about your problem and find a solution?

The actual work itself is not hard. It’s annoying and time-consuming, that’s why no one wants to do it. But it’s not a difficult thing to do, it’s nothing more than an annoying little obstacle in your way.

“It’s not my job, someone ought to fix it but that person ain’t me.” “Nah, I’m just gonna ignore it, someone will take care of it eventually.” “Why isn’t anyone doing anything about this? Doesn’t anyone care?”

You can’t keep on waiting, someone has to do something about it and that person might as well be you. So kick that obstacle aside and carry on, take the initiative and go do something about it. Most people give up way too easily, don’t be one of them. Don’t let that tiny obstacle stop you.

“We don’t have the permits yet…” “Well, go get the permits. Apply for them now.” “We don’t have any more in stock…” “Go order more now.” “Our product failed and no one knows why…” “Gather a team of people and start investigating.”

Every little problem, every little obstacle in your way, just because they seem annoying, it doesn’t mean they’re hard. Don’t let them stop you from getting what you want.

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