Is it an annoyance or a hindrance?

The constant fan humming in the background is an annoyance but hardly can it be considered a hindrance to your concentration.

That loud co-worker chatting behind you, blabbering on about various office politics, is not only an annoyance but also a hindrance to your concentration.

It’s just that some people might find humming fans to be a hindrance, preferring a more silent workspace while concentrating, while others are able to tune out background noise to the degree of ignoring a loud conversation in the background and treating it as a mere annoyance.

Do you find the things you have to put up with annoying or do they hinder your ability to do work? Not everyone has the same level of tolerance, what you consider as a mere annoyance can be a complete hindrance to someone else and vice versa.

If it’s only at the level of annoyance, while it’d be great if the annoyance can go away, you should have no problem dealing with it since it doesn’t really hinder you. But if it’s a hindrance, can you reduce it to a mere annoyance? You are permitted to get creative here.

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