A higher form of communication

Everyone experiences their own little world inside their head, one full of mental images, sounds, smells, flashbacks, emotions, feelings beyond what words could ever hope to describe, and so on. What if there was a way to directly access someone’s mind and experience what it’s like inside their head?

A form of higher communication that enables two beings to experience what goes inside each other’s mind, the ability to experience one another’s consciousness. A way to communicate by projecting our thoughts and feelings directly into another person.

At the moment, we mainly communicate by utilizing three things, sound, movement, and drawings. Language is our rulebook for mapping various sounds to various meanings. Body language is how we use movements and gestures to supplement our communication by adding nuances that are hard to convey by sounds alone. Drawings, pictures, and symbols are used whenever we want to record something down or illustrate things.

Our most high-def form of communication is face-to-face communication, it’s also the oldest and most ancient form ever, utilizing all three sounds, movements and drawings. As technology advances, we create less and less high-def forms of communication. Things like letter writing, phone calls, and texting. Sure they have other benefits, benefits we would very much appreciate and are grateful for, the only downside is the loss of resolution. Gone are the body language, facial expression, and tone of voice.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could work upwards and achieve a high-def form of communication, one that’s richer than a face-to-face conversation? Namely, the ability to communicate ideas purely by thoughts and emotions. Of course, all this probably sounds like science fiction to you, that’s because it probably is. But then again, it might not be so unrealistic after all.

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