What’s next?

You have a goal, multiple goals even, and you’re working hard to achieve it. It gives you something to strive for in life, it adds a sense of meaning and purpose to what you’re trying to do.

That’s great and all, but what’s next? What’s your plan after achieving that goal? A bigger goal? More goals? Or nothingness? Haven’t thought that far out yet? You’ll decide when you get there?

Is what you’re pursuing a means to an end, or is it the end itself? If it’s a means to an end, are there any other ways around it? What is it that you ultimately want and are you sure there’s no other way to get there?

Too often, we make the mistake of thinking that working towards A will lead us to B, which would ultimately lead us to C, which is what we really want. That if only we have A, we would eventually have C.

Won’t you just end up with a lot of A’s if your goal is to get to A? Why not just get to the point and work towards C? Find out what you really need to get to C and work towards that.

Make your goal an end goal, something that’s worth pursuing your whole life. Something you do because it’s what you really want, not because you’re chasing after something else.

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