Phone calls and SMS

Services like WhatsApp, LINE, and WeChat offer free audio/video calls and texting along with plenty of other features and most of the people you interact with, friends and families, use at least one of these free services.

Knowing that you can make unlimited audio/video calls and texts with just an internet connection or data plan, why would anyone still want to make traditional phone calls or send SMS to their friends and families, which also costs extra?

That’s probably the one thing holding me back from carrying a dumb phone, the loss of seamless and free of charge communication. Kinda pathetic, isn’t it? Considering that I’m fine with losing the app store and its plethora of random apps, social media, email, and web surfing.

I will miss the camera, GPS and music player though but I don’t think it’s such a big deal. The thing I’m not okay with is having to pay extra and changing the way I communicate with others, how weird is that? Because at the moment, I don’t make phone calls, I don’t send SMS, I don’t use my phone the way it was intended since its invention.

Ironic, isn’t it? If I pop out my sim card and change to a dumb phone, no one will be able to reach me. They would probably just send their messages through a random service and wait for the reply that might never come. Will anyone try to call or use SMS instead?

I hope they will, because starting right now, I’m starting the transition of dumbing down my phone. Disabling data and internet, blocking most of the apps and making it so that my phone behaves more like a phone and less like a computer. Basically, I’ve just enabled Ultra STAMINA mode.

It will be interesting to see what happens next, probably the only thing I’m concerned about is if someone from work tries to reach me on something urgent and fails at it. But I suppose I will manage somehow.

Still considering whether it’s worth changing to a dumb phone or simply toggling in and out of Ultra STAMINA mode every now and then. Let’s see how it plays out.

Inspired by digital minimalism.

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