Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy

Lately, I’ve been fascinated a lot by this idea. What is reality? How do we know the world we live in is real and not some dream? How do we know that our reality isn’t being simulated by some supercomputer?

Just like how we think our dreams are real when we’re dreaming, the only way to prove that our dream is a dream is to wake up. What if our whole life is a dream?

What if our true identity is a dreamer? A dreamer who is currently dreaming about the life we’re living? A dreamer that might wake up one day and realize it was all just a dream. A dreamer that might go to sleep again and dream of another life.

What if we are all just data being simulated by some hyper-advanced alien civilization? Perhaps we all live inside a computer and aliens are trying to simulate life and study the evolution of civilizations or how life develops intelligence?

Why does it matter, you ask? No one can prove it to be true. Yes, but at the same time, no one can disprove it. So why does it matter what your beliefs about reality are?

Personally, I just like the idea that reality could be some simulation. That there is someone out there who can see what we are doing and have some influence on our reality. Be it God, the universe, some hyper-advanced alien civilization, or maybe even Christof from the Truman show.

I wrote a bunch of stuff about why I like the idea of a simulated reality but deleted them since I can’t articulate it very well. The idea seems too vast to write about right now but if I were to simplify, it’s because it allowed me to live a more interesting life.

In the meantime, take this as food for thought. I’ll share how I reached that conclusion in a future post once I’ve better organized my thoughts.

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