How the world changes

Little by little, step by step, something changed. New inventions, new ways of doing things, new laws and policies, new technology, and spec upgrades. Everything changes, bit by bit, every year.

Sometimes, something changed that not everyone is happy with. Give it time, let it persist. Eventually, more and more people will come in terms with it. Slowly but surely, most people will get used to it and forget why they ever complained in the first place.

For the small minority that still won’t embrace it, let this be the birth of a new subculture, a fork in the road, a diversification in choices. If the old way has its merits, it won’t die off so easily.

Change takes time and for better or worse, the world will change. The world has benefitted a lot from change but it isn’t without its own problems. The question is, how will you react to it?

WordPress 5.0 will soon be released and with it comes a brand new block-based editor called Gutenberg. Let’s see what happens next!

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