The freedom to do whatever you want. Lots of people longed to be free, yet few ever achieved true freedom. But what is freedom?

  • The freedom of money, financial freedom. The first thing that probably comes to mind. No more worrying about that number in your bank account. Who wouldn’t want that? This is the most basic freedom and the one most people longed for. It’s easy to see why.
  • The freedom of time. Lots of people with high paying jobs live busy lives, but in exchange, they have the freedom of money. What they want is the freedom of time. In contrast, the unemployed has the freedom of time but lacks the freedom of money.
  • The freedom of location, to be able to live or go wherever you want to go. Another popular freedom, but probably not as popular as the above two. Not everyone experience travel lust but it’s always good to be able to be wherever you want to be.
  • The freedom from expectations and responsibilities, you have the freedom to do literally what you want. Free of all responsibilities, free of all expectations, you have so much freedom that it becomes somewhat intoxicating and life starts to lose its meaning.
  • The freedom of purpose, the freedom to choose what you want your life purpoe to be. Perhaps this is the ultimate freedom? We all need something to live for, having a strong sense of purpose results in a fulfilling life, one that leaves an impact on the world and gives you the satisfaction of having done something great.

Freedom can be a dangerous thing, it can backfire horribly on us if we don’t know how to use it. Money feels meaningless when we don’t want the things money can buy and can’t buy the things we want with money. Time feels useless when you’re bored to tears with nothing to do. Location feels irrelevant when everywhere you go to starts to feel the same.

Too much freedom can cause you to feel apathetic towards life, you’re free to do whatever you want, yet there’s nothing you want to do. Not anymore, you’ve tried them all. You’ve checked everything in your bucket list. You’re done. You should be satisfied having experienced everything you’ve ever dreamed about, yet strangely, you feel empty.

Why? Because you’ve lost your sense of purpose, you have nothing to live for anymore. You might as well stop living. Is this really where freedom leads to?

You were close though, you won your life’s game and the ending was horrible. Now it’s time to expand and play the world’s game. Find your sense of purpose, something bigger than yourself, bigger than life even. Something to look forward to everyday, something you would feel motivated to fight for. Education, healthcare, global warming, world hunger, etc. Give back to humanity, share your gifts with the world, fight for a cause.

I’m not sure what comes after having the freedom of purpose, perhaps it is the ultimate freedom in the freedom ladder. You know where you stand, you know which freedom you’re working towards.

After reading this, perhaps you can just skip to the end and work on creating the freedom of purpose. You’ll avoid falling into the fourth freedom, isn’t that a safer and much more effective path?

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