7 years from now

It’s not often I rave about games. Heck, I don’t think I’ve ever reviewed or endorsed any games before, ever. But today, I want to introduce you all to a very special game called “7 years from now” which I just binged through today.

Actually, I don’t think of it as a game. It’s more like a visual novel, you can control your character and interact with other characters but the story is linear. You don’t get to make any decisions and most of the time, you’re just reading dialogs.

The story is about a boy who suffers from memory loss but vaguely remembers a promise made 7 years ago. A promise to meet someone at a certain place in 7 years time, which happens to be in the next few days. As the story progress, he learns more and more about his past and the events that transpired. At the same time, the mystery deepens with every new finding.

I gotta say, the plot and character development are superb and there are plenty of plot twists and cliffhangers to keep you at the edge of your seat. In fact, I would much prefer if they made it into a novel instead, or maybe a movie or TV series. Seriously, go play it now! It’s a great work of art, I think you will really enjoy it.

It’s available on both Android and iOS, unfortunately, it’s not available on any other platforms such as Sailfish OS, etc.

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