The illusion of knowing

Ever experienced the illusion of knowing? It’s a weird phenomenon. You feel like you understand something, like you intuitively know it, but in reality you don’t.

This is the pitfall of a great teacher. A great teacher can explain a complex concept in a simple and easy to understand manner. Her students would feel like they intuitively grasped what she is talking about.

The sad part is, she’s only giving her students the illusion of understanding. They would feel like they know all there is to know, only to find out they don’t when doing their worksheets and exercises.

To truly understand something, it is extremely important to consolidate what we learned and put it into practice.

A truly great teacher wouldn’t simply explain everything to her students, she would probe her students and get them to think. She would guide them and let them teach themselves.

Knowledge gained through struggle is worth more than knowledge idly gained.

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